I want to play the suddenly popular “Watermelon Game” on Switch on my PC but it seems suspicious.

Watermelon Game

Puzzle game released two years ago ranks first in download rankings

 Recently, a puzzle game called “Watermelon Game” has suddenly become popular. It is a work for the Nintendo Switch, and although it was released in December 2021, nearly two years ago, it took first place in the Switch downloadable software ranking in September. As of October 2nd, at the time of writing this article, it is still in first place.

 I’ll explain what this game is, what makes it interesting, and whether it can be played on PC.

A simple but well-made puzzle game

 ”Watermelon Game” was released for Switch in 2021, but the game has been around for much longer. It was originally released by popIn Co., Ltd. in April 2021 as an app that allows you to play with popIn Aladdin, a projector with an integrated ceiling light .

 PopIn released this as a standalone game for the Switch, and it is the work that is currently gaining popularity. At that time, popIn also issued a news release .

 The game is a type of so-called falling object puzzle, where you drop fruits from the screen. If you put two of the same fruit together, they will combine and turn into a different fruit that is one size larger. The goal is to repeat this process to produce the largest fruit, the watermelon. If the fruit cannot be combined properly and the fruits pile up to the top of the screen, the game is over.

I want to play the suddenly popular “Watermelon Game” on Switch on my PC but it seems suspicious.

 The rules are so simple that they are easy to understand, but the key point is that the behavior of the fruit is based on physical calculations. Dropped fruits collide with other fruits, bounce and roll. It doesn’t fall where you want it to, and the momentum when the fruits combine can send them flying to unexpected places.

 A typical falling object puzzle has a fixed range of operations, such as block units, and you have to arrange or overlap them neatly. However, this game uses physics to allow you to drop fruits from anywhere you like. Fine adjustment in 1-dot units changes the location where the fruit will roll.

 However, it is also possible to assemble a chain in which the combined fruit comes into contact with the next higher fruit and combines. It’s a really well-made puzzle game, with simple rules that anyone can understand, physical calculations that make movements intuitive but don’t always go as planned, and the strategic nature of a puzzle game.

 It is not clear why this work became popular, but it seems that the main topic of discussion is that it has recently been featured on game distribution sites such as YouTube. The author also learned about this work through a game streamed by Ichihyakuman Amahara Salomejo (VTuber), which his son was watching.

 Furthermore, the low price of this work at 240 yen makes it easy for not only distributors but also general users to get their hands on it, which I think led to it being ranked number one.

I want to play “Watermelon Game” on my PC

 Now, here’s the real point. This series deals with the topic of PC games, and since I want to play on a PC anyway, I looked into whether there was a way to play on a PC.

 Then it’ll come out, it’ll come out. Some have the name “Watermelon Game,” while others have other names that look different but have the same game content. Since the game itself has easy-to-understand rules, there are many copies of it, as if it were used as a study for game development.

 As someone who has worked in game media for many years, I am sensitive to rights issues. “popIn Aladdin” will be transferred to Aladdin X Co., Ltd. in 2022, so either popIn or Aladdin

I want to play the suddenly popular “Watermelon Game” on Switch on my PC but it seems suspicious.

 I cannot introduce copied works other than introducing them in articles. When I searched to see if there was anything that was available without any rights issues, I found a website that had a domain with the same title as “Watermelon Game” and was offering something that could be played in a web browser.

 Regarding this, I checked the domain owner using WHOIS search, but it was hidden and I couldn’t find it. If it were the original copyright holder, there would be no need to hide it; rather, there should be a link to the company’s website and products, so we determined that this was probably a copied work.

 According to this, “Watermelon Game” is developed and operated by Aladdin X, and does not provide an app for smartphones. There is no mention of the PC version or the web browser version, but it seems safe to assume that all versions other than the Switch version are copies.

 By the way, the “Watermelon Game” itself was preceded by a game with almost the same content called “Synthetic Watermelon,” which was popular in China. There are countless imitations of game systems, not just this one, and I often see it being treated as a completely different game by changing the visual and audio materials. Even in the tweet alerting Aladdin

 In the first place, whether or not game systems can be copyrighted is an ambiguous and difficult issue that has led to numerous court cases in the past. It’s possible that Aladdin As for me, since Nintendo has given permission to distribute “Watermelon Game,” I believe in Nintendo and believe that there are no rights issues.

If you want to play it, use Switch or “Aladdin X”

 So, if you want to play “Watermelon Game” openly, you should either buy the Switch version or buy the “Aladdin X” series projector.

I want to play the suddenly popular “Watermelon Game” on Switch on my PC but it seems suspicious.

 After the business transfer, “popIn Aladdin” became the “Aladdin X” series, and the latest model “Aladdin X2 Plus” is currently on sale. It can be installed on a hanging ceiling in your home without any construction work, and the power supply is also taken from the hanging ceiling, so no wiring is required. In addition to various online distribution services, you can also listen to terrestrial digital broadcasts and radio (radiko).

 The price is now 129,800 yen. If you think about it like you’re buying a large TV, it’s pretty cheap and doesn’t take up much space. You should also be able to play the “Watermelon Game”. I thought this was pretty good, and my interest turned to something different than what I had originally thought. Perhaps this is the purpose of offering “Watermelon Game”?


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