Unlocking the Secrets Sumo: The No.1 yokozuna Terunofuji takes Japanese citizenship

TOKYO (Kyodo) – – Recently advanced sumo terrific boss Terunofuji has surrendered his Mongolian ethnicity and obtained Japanese citizenship, an authority government distribution showed Wednesday. By turning into a Japanese resident, the 29-year-old who has a place with the Isegahama stable makes room to run his own stable of grapplers later on. Terunofuji is the fifth unfamiliar conceived yokozuna who changed to Japan after U.S.- conceived Akebono and Musashimaru, who are both resigned.

The still-dynamic Hakuho and resigned Kakuryu, both from Mongolia, likewise rolled out the improvement. In spite of missing the mark regarding a third consecutive title, Terunofuji was elevated to su-mo’s most noteworthy position of yokozuna after he completed the Nagoya Terrific Su-mo Competition with a 14-1 record the month before. He endured wounds to the two knees and a medical issue yet at the same time turned into the principal grappler to battle his direction back to the second-most elevated position of ozeki in the wake of being downgraded as low as fifth-level jonidan.

Spring tourney winner yokozuna Takerufuji withdraws from summer meet: Su mo

Unlocking the Secrets Sumo: The No.1 yokozuna Terunofuji takes Japanese citizenship

TOKYO (Kyodo) – – Spring Fabulous Su-mo Competition victor Takerufuji will miss the beginning of the mid year meet this end of the week due to a waiting lower leg injury, his Isegahama stable chose Thursday. The 25-year-old is positioned as a No. 6 maegashira for the 15-day Summer Fabulous Su-mo Competition starting off Sunday at Tokyo’s Ryogoku Kokugikan.

He turned into the first grappler in quite a while to come out on top for a title in his top-division debut by completing the Walk competition in Osaka with a 13-2 record. The Aomori Prefecture local hurt his right lower leg on the penultimate day at Edion Field Osaka, where he was battling as a base positioned No. 17 maegashira, yet struggled through the injury to secure his memorable title on the last day.

His lower leg has not recuperated as well as trusted, be that as it may, and he will miss part of the forthcoming rivalry. “It actually hasn’t mended. He can’t contend in this condition,” his stablemaster, the previous yokozuna Asahifuji, said. On the off chance that Takerufuji misses the entire competition, he is practically 100% to tumble to the second-level juryo division for the Nagoya Amazing Sumo Competition in July.

The Isegahama stablemaster, in the interim, didn’t say whether the most prominent individual from his steady, solitary yokozuna Terunofuji, would have the option to contend. The injury-inclined fantastic boss pulled out halfway through the Walk rivalry because of lower back torment and other medical issues and has not been endeavor a full preparation plan. He griped of torment in his left side during a training meeting held by the Yokozuna Consideration Committee last week.

Aiming for 1st comeback in history to ozeki from jonidan rank: Sumo wrestler Terunofuji

Unlocking the Secrets Sumo: The No.1 yokozuna Terunofuji takes Japanese citizenship

TOKYO – – Previous ozeki-positioned su-mo grappler Terunofuji is getting ready for the Walk Great Sumo Competition determined to turn into the principal grappler in history to get back to the game’s second-most elevated rank from the fifth-level jonidan division. In the Japan Su-mo Alliance’s new situating proclaimed on Walk 1, Terunofuji, 29, stays at the third-generally imperative “sekiwake” rank.

In a web-based news gathering, he remarked, “At long last I’m moving toward it (the ozeki rank). I need to get it in this competition. I need to contend energetically.” In the event that his record in the impending Spring Terrific Sumo Competition is sufficient to be elevated to ozeki, he will be the principal su-mo grappler to get back in the saddle to the ozeki rank from the jonidan division. Terunofuji remained at the ozeki rank for 14 competitions from the July 2015 meet, however he later dropped to the profundities of the fifth-level jonidan division following a long nonattendance from the mud hill because of wounds and disorder.

Notwithstanding, in the wake of getting back in the ring with his sights on a rebound, he was advanced up the positions once more. In the November 2020 competition, when he remained at the “komusubi” rank one score underneath sekiwake, he secured 13 successes. He proceeded to win 11 sessions as a sekiwake grappler in the most recent competition in January this year.

On the off chance that he enlists at least nine successes in the Walk competition, he will meet the unpleasant prerequisite to be elevated to ozeki – – in particular, a sum of 33 successes in the most recent three competitions at one of the three most noteworthy positions underneath the high level of yokozuna. Isegahama, previous yokozuna Asahifuji and current top of the Japan Su-mo Affiliation’s refereeing body, is responsible for making the “banzuke” positioning records and is additionally Terunofuji’s stablemaster.

He has not uncovered explicit necessities for advancement at the impending competition. Two yokozuna grapplers, Hakuho and Kakuryu, are set to get back in the saddle in Spring after times of nonattendance. The sessions among high-positioned grapplers will consequently probable have a significant impact in deciding Terunofuji’s possibilities. “Thought of my advancement won’t begin except if I accomplish 33 successes (more than three competitions),” Terunofuji said. “I might want to put forth a valiant effort and battle great sessions.”

Rides wave of support by Sumo Takerufuji after winning historic title

Unlocking the Secrets Sumo: The No.1 yokozuna Terunofuji takes Japanese citizenship

OSAKA (Kyodo) – – Recently delegated Spring Terrific Sumo Competition champion Takerufuji said Monday that a surge of warm words from loved ones brought back the truth of his noteworthy triumph at Edion Field Osaka. The base positioned No. 17 maegashira on Sunday turned into the first grappler in quite a while to bring home a title in his top-division debut, completing the 15-day competition with a 13-2 record. “While being reached by such countless various individuals, I understood I truly won,” Takerufuji said at a question and answer session in Osaka.

The 24-year-old from Aomori Prefecture, whose genuine name is Mikiya Ishioka, expected to dive somewhere down in his last match after severely harming his lower leg the earlier day in a misfortune to previous ozeki Asanoyama.

A misfortune to No. 6 maegashira Gonoyama on Day 15 would have opened the entryway for another rising star, fifth-positioned Onosato, to tie Takerufuji’s success misfortune record and power a title season finisher. The short-term pioneer committed no error, in any case, pushing down Gonoyama to finish a title run that included fights with a few rivals from the recognized “sanyaku” positions beneath yokozuna. “I needed to come out on top for the title with my own hands.

I’m happy I had the option to finish every one of the 15 days,” Takerufuji said. The grappler from the Isegahama stable said he contemplated passing on the last day due to the serious aggravation in his lower leg, however endured with support from his senior stablemate, yokozuna Terunofuji. “He told me, ‘you can make it happen,'” said Takerufuji, who gave no indication of the injury in the unequivocal session.

“My body moved naturally, I wasn’t even aware of it.” Takerufuji’s 11 straight wins from the first day of the season in Osaka tied unbelievable yokozuna Taiho’s record, set in January 1960, for the most continuous triumphs toward the beginning of a top-division debut. His advancement from proficient debutant to Ruler’s Cup champ, in his tenth thousand competition, was additionally the quickest in the cutting edge time of six yearly meets. The past grappler to come out on top for a title on debut in the world class makuuchi division was Ryogoku in 1914.


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